ETT stands for Existential Turtle Time.

It’s a habit that I developed probably around my junior year of high school. Regardless of whether I was calm, upset, happy, or confused, I would often curl into fetal position, cover myself with a blanket, and just think. Sometimes I’d stay that way for around ten or fifteen minutes; other times I’d be like that for over an hour.

During those periods, I’d contemplate life, reevaluate decisions, and usually end up engaging in existential thought. It was actually pretty awesome.

I decided to name this blog after ETT because I got some of my best thinking done during those sessions. Being a turtle (hey, they’re a symbol of wisdom for a reason!) allowed me to take a step away from the present and reflect. That’s the level of thought that I hope to engage in more often and express on this platform. My goal is for this blog to not only be a documentation of adventures and opinions, but also a means to take a step back from all the excitement and keep myself grounded.

A final thought: try out ETT! And don’t dismiss it as “silly meditation” before you do—there’s something magical about having a blanket shell, trust me!