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Weekend Watercolors

The Arts Annex is a nifty little space on campus where students can go to create art. All the supplies are provided and free! My friend and I used to go once a week, but when midterms season hit, we dropped to about once a month. This is what I painted during our last visit; it’s now hanging in a temporary exhibit for student art!


First Completed Journal!

Today, I wrote my final entry in this journal. I’ve now officially gone through an entire one! As I flip through it, I’m in awe of the multitude of rants, realizations, and memories that filled these pages since my first entry in 2015. And so begins the quest to find a new one…

Best Reverse Pickpocketing Ever? 

I don’t know this dog, nor did I take this Polaroid picture. As I paid for my food at Panda Express, I noticed this Polaroid wedged between the two business cards I’d been holding in my right hand. It definitely wasn’t there when I entered the line. I’ve heard stories of reverse pickpocketing before—a practice in which items are given to strangers instead of taken—but this has GOT to be the most adorable case of it ever.

Special Pigeon

FullSizeRender 3

“You’re the special pigeon in a flock of regular ones!” I remember laughing and telling this to my sister after seeing a brown pigeon for the first time in NYC last summer. Nearly a year later, on my commute to work I spotted this one! I have a strange fascination with them and think they’re beautiful. So if I ever call you a “special pigeon,” it’s a compliment–believe me!

Compartés Chocolatier

Not your typical breakfast bar. Compartés Chocolatier is AMAZING. These handmade, fashionably packaged, and downright delicious chocolate bars from LA are worth a try—definitely going to try their s’mores bar next!   

Mini Pies

As if regular pies weren’t cute enough. Mini pies for the win!

Books in the House!

FullSizeRenderBooks on books on books. All found and selected in the Le house, mainly from Em’s bookshelf!

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