Hi there!

I’m Natalie Le, an upbeat college student and recently-turned 20-year-old (wow, lots of hyphens). My hobbies include exercising, making lists, laughing at my own puns, and closely watching my countdown to Shark Week (as of 6/5/2016, we’ve got 21 days left). Huge fan of em dashes, dessert, and tumbling—the gymnastics discipline, not ACTUAL tumbling…though that definitely happens whenever I try the former! harrrharhar*

Currently on a mission to find myself, so I figured a blog would be a cool way to document that. As for content, expect book reviews (I’m trying to get back into reading), semi-artsy photos of life and hopefully travel (I feel like every college kid is obliged to pick up photography at one point or another), and thoughtful takes on what goes on around me.

The last item will probably be the most frequent on this blog. As on top of life as I’d like to be, I often find myself prone to existential crises and bouts of serious contemplation. Fun stuff, right? ANSWER: YES! I actually welcome these moments now, or at least have grown to. We change so much every year—even every day—and I think being aware of those changes and the direction we’re headed is incredibly valuable.

Hope you enjoy!

*see “List of Hobbies.” Paragraph 1, Sentence 2, Item #3.