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A little under 2 months ago, the world’s first Nutella Cafe opened in Chicago! An avid Nutella fan (I’ve literally finished jars by the spoonful), I was beyond excited to check it out while I was still in the city. I heard about the cafe from one of those foodie videos on Facebook—y’know, the ones that talk about crazy new food trends and restaurants, like rainbow bagels and sushi donuts—and was SO pumped to get in on the hype.

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After waiting in line for about 20 minutes (shorter than usual because of the rainy weather), it was my turn to order. I was surprised that the Nutella Cafe actually sold regular, savory foods like paninis and soups; regardless, my friend and I stuck to the sweet stuff. The picture at the top shows everything we ordered, and here’s my take on what was worth it or not:

  • Nutella Gelato. This was 100% worth it! A bit of a skeptic, I suspected that this would just be a scoop of dark chocolate gelato with a drizzle of Nutella on the top. I’m so happy I was wrong: this gelato is definitely pure Nutella, and you can taste it in every bite!
  • Nutella Fondue with Fresh Fruit. Y’all. This. Is. Not. Fondue. I was honestly the most disappointed with this dish because I imagined a warm, Nutella-infused dip in a big pot with skewers for fruit. Instead, this was literally a glob of plain Nutella in a teeny sauce dish. Still delicious (I mean, it’s Nutella!), but not worth getting here.
  • Nutella Croissant. Okay, so you know it’s a good sign when you pick up your croissant and it’s literally LEAKING Nutella. The croissant itself was alright—it’s nice that they bake these daily, but it tasted like a regular cafe pastry. The best part was how generous they were with the filling.

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And that was everything we got! All 3 dishes came to a total of $19.35, which my friend and I split. For a novelty restaurant, that’s not bad! If you’re in the area and are fine with a small wait, I’d definitely check it out. However, be warned: WILL MAKE YOU CRAVE NUTELLA!