THIS BOOK WAS SO FUN TO READ! It was exactly what I needed after a pretty difficult past year. It’s so easy to play the victim and stay in a pessimistic mindset when things are repeatedly going badly, but this book shook me out of that state and brought to my attention how lame it is to wallow in your own negativity. You Are A Badass emphasizes how you could and should wake up every morning, pumped about your day and loving the fact that you get to be you. And if you’re not….then, well, you’re kind of half-assing your life.

The narration is conversational and straightforward. I love Sincero’s honesty; she knows when she’s sounding like a total hippie or when you’re probably rolling your eyes. She’ll call that out and how ridiculous everything can sound, assuring you that she initially had doubts of her own, too. But now look at her!

Each chapter is sprinkled with stories from her own life, while remaining extremely organized and focused. Overall, You Are A Badass did a great job at remaining, above all, an informative book without losing that personal connection. Below are a few of my major takeaways:

  1. Faith is, simply, belief in the not-yet-seen. You don’t have to complicate that fact with scriptures and religion if you don’t want to. All you really need is a belief in the idea that the universe is abundant and that everything you want is in reach. Staying positive, then, is a form of faith.
  2. High frequency attracts high frequency. Just as low frequency attracts low frequency. Think of it as high and low energy. High energy actions—like being proactive and taking care of yourself—will lead to high energy consequences, such as feeling happier, achieving greater success, and having deeper relationships. If you’re constantly in a low energy state and never make an effort to change, how can you expect things to improve?
  3. Making a decision means committing to never negotiating. This was my favorite part of the entire book. Sincero explained this by describing how she quit smoking: “I’m not going to go home and negotiate about whether or not to snort some horse tranquilizers. I don’t negotiate about snorting horse tranquilizers because I’m not a horse-tranquilizer snorter. Now that I don’t smoke, I’m not going to negotiate about smoking because I don’t smoke.” That’s such a simple but powerful way to approach your decisions. If you’re even thinking about bargaining, then you didn’t decide on anything.
  4. Meditate. This was one of those super hippie, eye-rolling moments during the book: Sincero makes the claim that meditating allows you to connect with the universe/”Source Energy”/God. I’m still trying this one out. But whether I believe that I’ll have some transcendental experience or not, I’ve only heard good things about meditation….so why not!
  5. Let go. You will be so much happier if you do. Release your resentment, anger, and negative feelings. They’re only weighing you down. And be authentic with your forgiveness—you can’t “forgive” someone while still wishing something bad would happen to them!

In short, I would highly recommend this book. Don’t be fooled by the title, frequent cursing, or hilarious stories—the ideas in You Are A Badass are much more profound than you’d expect. My only reservations were the typos (around five or so, total—not a lot, but I’m just super nitpicky when it comes to grammar and punctuation) and the faith part…. I mean, how does Sincero know that the universe is on our side? Isn’t that just overly optimistic?

Or, maybe I just need to have more faith.