Wasn’t the novel that I imagined would be checking off this item, but hey, it still counts!

DukEngineer is an annual magazine that covers all things Pratt, which is Duke’s engineering school. My job was simple: I was assigned to write a short piece on the Duke chapter of IEEE. It’s hard to write creatively and/or beautifully when covering such a factual topic, but it gave me an opportunity to practice doing research. Before writing the article, I interviewed the IEEE leadership and visited their makerspace, which was called The Foundry. There, I got to see some of their past and upcoming projects.

Honestly it wasn’t too much work, and getting my copy of DukEngineer last month was a pleasant surprise! I’d almost forgotten about it since I had submitted my article so long ago (our deadlines were in November).

Also, LOL at the byline at the bottom of the page. Major change: majors change.